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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Students to choose residence
Living at school can feel like a home away from home, but when asked by the Ontario government, which would you choose as your legal residence?

Recognizing the difficult decision facing potential voters, Elections Ontario has changed what it considers to be proof of permanent residence.

Elections Ontario will ask Ontarians this fall to declare which place is their home.

The Ontario Elections Act defines ‘residence’ as “the place a person intends to return whenever they are absent for any length of time.”

This definition can be confusing since it does not specify what is a ‘length of time.’ Many students would consider their house at school to be home, but others would argue their home is where they return periodically over the year.

According to Paula Chung, communications officer for Elections Ontario, it is a personal choice based on your own situation.

“Recently added to the list of acceptable ID documents are some forms of identification meant for students,” Chung said.

For example, for the first time Elections Ontario is distributing an official document to students in postsecondary residences of legal voting age. This document officially declares these students are residents of their postsecondary district.

When students register to vote on Sept. 17 and 18, they must bring a piece of photo identification and proof of residence. (A complete list of acceptable ID and proof of residence is available at
" Jared Lindzon

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