Higher security at York

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

In the wake of two recent sexual assaults at York University, security around the campus has dramatically increased.

According to Keith Marnoch, York’s associate director of media relations, there is a heightened police presence throughout the campus, especially around Vanier College where the attacks occurred. Police have been stationed at every residence on a 24-hour watch.

“We feel [it] favours students and the general community,” Marnoch said, regarding the increased security staffing.

Amanda Aziz, chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students, noted a downside to having police on campus.

“From our perspective, there needs to be a balance between enough security on campus so students are safe but I don’t think students would be comfortable with the idea of armed police on campus,” Aziz said.

A recent York press release outlined additional initiatives in place following the assaults; including posters around campus reminding students to be vigilant, on-site student counselling, and an alert system through email, websites, and ongoing contact with student organizations and government.

The Toronto Police Service are currently scanning hundreds of hours of York surveillance tapes to identify the two males who committed the assaults. It is unlikely the assailants are York students.

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