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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Egg-citing changes at Western eateries
Western’s Hospitality Services is expanding its menu to offer free-range eggs at campus eateries. Omelettes made with free-range eggs will now be available at several campus eateries.

Considered to be a more humane alternative to traditional eggs, free range eggs are “less cruel in the sense that the chicken is not spending its whole life in a box,” Servanne Woodward, a professor in the French department who is knowledgeable about animal rights, said.

“[Free-range eggs] are not ideal, but a great improvement,” she added.

Frank Miller, director of Hospitality Services, said, “The decision was based on going forward and giving students some choices.”

Miller added Hospitality Services had experimented with similar changes in the past when it decided to use Omega-3 fortified eggs based on recommendation from nutritionists.

“We’re always willing to listen,” Miller said, noting student surveys about campus eateries will be available this fall for students to comment about the new egg products.
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