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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Surprising Same-Sex Marriage Stats
Stats Canada has recently released data from the 2006 census, with the historic report including a first-ever count of same-sex marriages in Canada.

The report documented 7,465 same-sex unions, a far cry from the 12,438 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples reported by Canadians for Equal Marriage based on provincial data and estimates.

In spite of this possible underreporting in the Stats Canada figures, the inclusion of same-sex unions in the official census helps to make the practice more socially acceptable according to Jim Olson, social psychology professor at Western.

“Simply reporting the number of same-sex marriages will tend to increase social acceptance,” Olson said.

“The law serves an education function. It establishes norms in a society.”

Additionally, the census documented 45,345 same-sex couples, an increase of 32 per cent from 2001. These couples represent 0.6 per cent of all couples in Canada.
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