A-hole punches a girl in the face

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

From gore to ganja, the usual suspects have been at it again.

The London Police Service raided a house on Loggers Grove Friday, Sept. 14. Inside was enough illicit substances to make Cheech and Chong chuckle. Police seized over $387,000 worth of marijuana in plants, buds and leaves, along with a small amount of mushrooms. Three people were arrested and charged for possession and trafficking.

Constable Amy Phillipo, media representative for LPS, advised London residents to report strange behaviour to the police. “If people are covering their windows with garbage bags and there’s lots of traffic back and forth, it could possibly be a drug house.”

A strip-club patron may lose sight in her left eye after being struck in the face with a drinking glass on Saturday, Sept. 15. Around 11:40 p.m., LPS responded to a call at Famous Flesh Gordon’s.

Phillipo said a disagreement between an employee and a customer resulted in a fight that landed the victim in the hospital with serious wounds to her face. Nicole Rosset, a 23-year-old employee at Gordon’s, was charged with one count of aggravated assault.

Frosh week is over, but the celebrations haven’t stopped. Campus Community Police Service crashed a floor party in one residence last Friday after a male student punched a female in the face. She had been addressing the damage he had done to the ceiling.

The female received minor injuries, but the male will be charged under the Student Code of Conduct, which is only used in serious cases, Elgin Austen, director of CCPS said.

“Students need to know they aren’t held above the law,” Susan Grindrod, associate vice-president of Housing and Ancillary services, said.

The charges could appear on the young male’s academic transcripts. which could affect future job opportunities.

“Try showing that to your employer,” Austen remarked.

Grindrod reminded students to think about how alcohol can affect their behaviour.

“The issue here is not thinking and excessive drinking,” Austen said.

At 10:30 a.m. yesterday, CCPS arrested a male in front of Natural Science Centre.

The man followed a female student on campus. He was in breach of conditions related to a previous domestic violence charge.

LPS have taken the man into custody, but the charges and the investigation are still pending.

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