PETA, UF Police overzealous this week

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Connecticutâ€" Recently, a doctor from the University of Connecticut was told to quit monkeying around in his laboratory.

Dr. David Waitzman was forced to shut down his lab after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) learned of his research, which involved experimentation with monkey brains.

Waitzman’s experiments â€" including those in which monkeys’ had sections of skull removed to lodge data collectors in their brains â€" were found to be in full violation of standards from the National Institute of Health. One monkey developed seizures from the procedure and later died of cardiac arrest in its experiment chair.

Prior to the investigations, Waitzman had received a $1.7 million grant for his research. Now that’s bananas.

Pennsylvaniaâ€" Bloomsburg University’s student government president got a little sloppy with a recent drunk driving charge â€" just weeks after accusing the media of unfairly representing students.

Christopher Bevan was caught speeding by a campus police officer last weekend. An alcohol test revealed Bevan’s blood-alcohol level was .147, high above the .08 limit in Pennsylvania.

Recently, Bevan wrote a letter to the Press Enterprise of Bloomsburg discussing coverage of an annual campus party, which has been described as alcohol-fueled and rowdy.

Bevan said the stories were “inaccurate and unfair” to thousands of mature, responsible students. Apparently, Bevan isn’t one of them.

Floridaâ€" The tasering of an outspoken student put some much-needed spark into a University of Florida appearance by U.S. Sen. John Kerry.

The drama started when Andrew Meyer continued to badger Kerry despite being told his question time was up. Meyer’s microphone was turned off, but he continued to shout at the senator â€" even when apprehended by police.

Officers attempted to move Meyer to the back of the auditorium where he was forced to the ground amidst his cries of “I didn’t do anything,” and “Don’t tase me, bro.” (But they did, anyway.)

Following this incident, the University of Florida has put two police on paid leave and initiated an investigation. Oh yeah, and the video footage was plastered on YouTube.

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