Beer bandits boost booze

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

It was a heist that would make Bob and Doug McKenzie proud.

Early Wednesday morning, thieves made away with over 100,000 bottles and cans of Moosehead beer slated for distribution in the GTA. That’s one massive kegger.

Moosehead spokesperson Joel Levesque said the heist was “a well organized and well executed job.”

According to Levesque, the thieves stole the trucks from a Mississauga compound. They were the only two tractors in the lot without GPS units. “The security guard didn’t see anything out of the ordinary ... he recognized the trucks,” Levesque said.

The suspects entered the trailer yard, on Dixie Road near Highway 401, at 3:55 a.m. Thieves attached the Moosehead trailers to two tractors taken from a compound earlier.

In a press release, the Peel Police Department said they were still investigating the case.

Moosehead’s losses amount to about $200,000.

It may take awhile to get in a new load, so the company suggests consumers stock up now. “We’re concerned Moosehead drinkers in Ontario may run out,” Levesque said. Supplies may be low until sometime next week.

“Right now, we’d like to get the trucks back and the beer, but I imagine it’s being consumed right now,” Dave Emeno, VP of loss prevention at Armour Transport, said.

He said the compound where the trucks were stored is quite secure. “It is fenced, has a camera, and has a gateman.” He added, “Because they were known vehicles, they weren’t challenged [by the security guard].”

This is the second time Moosehead’s beer has been stolen, but Levesque believes this time it is different culprits.

The August 2004 incident was “not a professional job,” according to Levesque. “It was very spur of the moment.” One of the truck drivers stole a truck headed for Mexico. Police eventually apprehended the man in Lindsay, Ontario.

Levesque remains good-natured about the theft.

“It’s kind of funny that this is the second time [Moosehead has been robbed]. Thieves must know a great beer when they see one.”

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