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London Transit Commission to survey students on satisfaction

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Driving a bus

Can’t get no satisfaction? The London Transit Commission wants to know about it.

The LTC is launching a satisfaction survey to collect student feedback about London’s bus services. The online survey aims to address how often students use bus services, whether busses meet student-specific needs, and which aspects of the LTC need to be changed.

The survey will be conducted either late next week or early the following week, University Students’ Council policy analyst Scott Courtice said. A random sample of 10,000 Western students will be contacted by email to participate in the LTC review.

Courtice mentioned all participants will be eligible to win prizes. Although he could not officially confirm it, Courtice said the USC would likely be giving away a Nintendo Wii.

When asked what kind of questions might appear on the survey, USC President Tom Stevenson offered a few important points.

“Basically the survey will ask how often you ride the bus, are the routes convenient, and are there areas that need improvement.”

Stevenson also said one question will address whether students are interested in a full-year bus pass, instead of the eight-month pass included in undergraduate student fees. Courtice noted the 12-month pass would be offered at an increased cost.

John Ford, director of transportation and planning at the LTC, said 12-month passes are already offered to Fanshawe College students and full-time medical and dental students at Western.

“It’s really up to the students whether they want a four month extension.”

A Gazette survey revealed while some students are enthusiastic about full-year bus passes, others are unwilling to pay for a pass they will never use.

“What a great idea,” fourth-year medical science student Katherine MacKernie said. “Lots of people work here in the summer.”

Third-year health science student Victoria Melgar was undecided about full-year passes. “I live in Hamilton, so I’m not usually here during the summer. But sometimes I come down to London ... it would be a good thing to have while I’m here.”

“I don’t want a 12-month bus pass, but late night busses on weekends would be nice,” Mike Edmonds, fourth-year student of media information and technoculture, said. “The times during the week are good " busses come every eight minutes. After that, it’s every half hour or not at all.”

Courtice said late-night service is also something the survey will address.

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