Big lizards, big melons, big felons in the Circus

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Langley, B.C. " Trinity Western University (TWU) is housing a strange new visitor that would make Steve Irwin proud.

A two-foot-long alligator was spotted recently on the TWU campus. Now, a search-and-rescue mission has begun to locate the critter before winter sets in. Volunteers, along with the curator of the local Reptile Refuge, are scouring the TWU grounds for the mysterious reptile.

No one knows where the alligator came from, though theories suggest it might be an escaped or abandoned pet.

Unfortunately, the cold-blooded creature won’t survive long in BC’s cold climate " unless it’s rescued soon, it’ll be “See you later, alligator.”

Idaho " Forget pistols at dawn; try pistols in class.

A group of students at the University of Idaho wore empty gun holsters to class this week to protest laws prohibiting concealed weapons on university campuses.

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) launched the bizarre nationwide protest. Throughout the country, supporters of the initiative wore empty holsters to class all week. SCCC is a group of students, parents, and members of the public that banded together after the fatal Virginia Tech University shootings last April.

Concerned about increased campus shootings, SCCC is ironically protesting to allow guns on campus. We bet Charlton Heston is jumping for joy.

Vancouver " Two RCMP officers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) got a little bit rowdy on-duty over the summer, according to photographs obtained by UBC’s student newspaper, The Ubyssey.

The photographs reveal two uniformed officers gallivanting with several women, whom they had caught drinking at public in a group of 15 to 20 people. After originally telling the group to pour out their alcohol, the Mounties posed for pictures.

The snaps show the Mounties playfully handcuffing several women and letting them sit inside their squad car.

The women involved are believed to be exchange students, which might ensure that UBC students don’t get a bad reputation from the incident. Too bad we can’t say the same thing about those Mounties.

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