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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Code red
The colour blind and man’s best friend should beware as Western prepares to implement a new safety system.

The Campus Community Police Service has been working vigorously to finish a program aimed to reduce potentially hostile encounters.

Currently called the Safe Campus Community, the new policy allows students to take a more active role in the safety of their school. The policy uses a colour-coded system of danger ranging from grey, behaviour that creates anxiety, to red, immediate threat to life.

Elgin Austen, director of CCPS, wants everyone to know this is a preventative measure, not a responsive one.

“Prevention is the greatest component of addressing violence before it occurs,” Austen stated.

“We currently have over 50 initiatives on campus regarding safety and a majority deal directly with prevention.”

Austen met with the University Students’ Council yesterday. On tap will be the new Safe Campus Community policy as well as other safety concerns.

For more information on the Safe Campus Community, consult the CCPS website at
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