Spartans: tonight we sleep in the drunk tank

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

From chair-throwing Spartans to cash-stealing shoppers, the usual suspects have been at it again.

The Campus Community Police Service reported a quiet weekend, quite possibly because of the shenanigans going down on Richmond Row.

Early Sunday morning at approximately 2:30 a.m., the London Police Service responded to a large gathering of people at the corner of Pall Mall and Richmond streets. It seems that partiers wanted a little more excitement after the bars closed down, so they congregated at the intersection and proceeded to cause a disturbance.

Police made numerous arrests, though an exact number is unknown at this time. Many were arrested in Halloween costumes and apparently a trio of “Spartans” from the movie 300 spent the evening in the drunk tank. The epic film takes on a different light with warriors launching beer bottles, eggs and chairs.

Perhaps the Spartan warriors were upset with another police bust-up near Fanshawe College earlier in the weekend.

On Oct. 27, members of the Community Oriented Response Unit (COR) instigated a raid at a house on Prosperity Court, a street located near Fleming Drive.

The raid sprang from a Liquor License Act search warrant and resulted in a net gain of five beer kegs and an ample supply of liquor. Evidently, that put quite a dent in the plans for a party.

But the LPS do more than just patrolling potential party situations.

Police have issued a warning about a dastardly duo who are lifting purses and wallets from unsuspecting shoppers at crowded grocery stores.

One of the pair distracts a shopper while the other lifts the victim’s wallet or purse. Then the couple quickly exits the building and reproduces identification to match any stolen credit cards they may have picked up.

The couple has been able to purchase substantial amounts of merchandise through this operation.

Usual Suspects readers are warned to be on the look out for a “neatly dressed” Spanish-speaking man and woman in their mid 40s.

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