Blockheads block Thompson Arena

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

From barricade-building to break-ins, the usual suspects were at it again this weekend.

On Saturday morning, the Campus Community Police Service discovered a small wall built out of cement blocks taken from the construction site of the Thompson Recreation Centre.

The mysterious wall blocked entrances to a parking lot near Thompson Arena according to CCPS director Elgin Austen. Austen said police had to remove the blocks so vehicles could move in and out of the lot.

Austen suspected more than one campus blockhead was responsible for the overnight prank.

A rash of break-ins rocked the student ghetto last week. The London Police Service said the affected area spans from Huron Street to the north, Oxford Street to the south, Adelaide Street to the east, and Richmond Street to the west.

The break-ins occurred between Nov. 5-9, and happened after midnight while residents were sleeping. The thief gained access through unlocked doors and took electronics and credit cards, according to a London Police press release.

Constable Lisa Campbell of London Police said in two instances, keys to residents’ vehicles were obtained and the cars were subsequently stolen. London Police have since recovered both vehicles, but have not yet found a suspect.

At about 2 a.m. Friday morning, one resident saw the culprit enter the victim’s living room. The suspect fled on foot after confronting the individual.

Campbell cautioned students to lock all doors and windows at night to prevent break-ins.

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