Texans want to pack heat, Oxford limits free speech

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

San Marcos, TX " Eight thousand students from across America agree: the best way to combat school shootings is to let students pack heat.

A nationwide group called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus argues students and faculty licensed to carry concealed weapons should be able to bear arms on campus.

The initiative is in response to tragedies like the Virginia Tech shooting in April. Members of SCCC argue campus bloodshed could be prevented if only more students brought guns to lecture.

Students from 110 colleges and universities across the country drew attention to the heated issue by wearing empty holsters to school. Students at Texas State University-San Marcos have been pushing for a student government resolution on the issue.

Many states forbid licensed gun owners from wielding weapons on university property, but off-campus concealed carry is supported by most state governments.

Tulsa, OK " Oral Roberts University is set to receive a $70 million dollar grant, after a scandal landed the evangelical institution $50 million in debt.

The religious university came under fire after president Richard Roberts was accused of using university money to support his frivolous lifestyle.

Roberts resigned last week after former professors sued him for wrongful termination, among other allegations.

The lawsuit claims Roberts racked up a $39,000 shopping tab for his wife, spent $29,411 on a Bahamas vacation for his daughter and purchased a stable of horses for the Roberts children, all with university funds.

Donator Mart Green, founder of the Christian educational supply store Mardel, said the multi-million dollar gift would reinstill trust in the institution.

No word on whether the $50 million was spent in good faith.

Oxford, UK " Noisy demonstrators broke into the Oxford Union debating society Monday night.

David Irving " an English writer who had denied the Holocaust " and Nick Griffin " a party leader with an aggressive anti-immigration and anti-Muslim platform " were invited to the debating society to talk about the limits of free speech.

The protestors chanted, “Keep Oxford fascist-free! We will defend democracy!”

Well, the protestors clearly missed the irony in limiting free speech at a debate on free speech ... but at least they know how to rhyme.

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