Surprise: Bush out of peace talks, no surprise: drunk Irishman

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ireland: The Irish have always been known for their drinking and here’s proof.

More than 400 kegs were stolen on Wednesday in Dublin when a man left the Guinness brewery with a truck of booze valued at €64,000 (wholesale price).

Police later found the stolen trailer emptied. No word yet on the search for an extremely intoxicated Irishman.

Sudan: A British teacher in Sudan has been charged after she let her class name a teddy bear Mohammed.

Although the name is popular among Muslim males, clerics have called the use of the name for a toy “blasphemous.”

Gillian Gibbons had been teaching her seven-year-old students about animals when she let them vote on a name for the infamous teddy. Her horrifying act caused parents to complain and Gibbons could have faced 40 lashes, six months in jail and a fine.

The court chose to punish Gibbons with a 15-day jail term, after which she will be deported. Gibbons is appealing the decision.

Pakistan: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has officially stepped down as army commander and will now take on the role of a civilian leader.

Yesterday Musharraf began his five-year term with promises to lift the state of emergency by Dec. 16 and fulfill his opponents’ requests to restore the constitution before the democratic elections in January.

Former prime ministers and competition Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif have been threatening to boycott the elections, but Musharraf urged them to rethink their views and promised the elections would be free and fair under the constitution.

United States: President George W. Bush has decided to not be involved in the peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

He thought it would be wrong for America to impose its own visions on the two parties. Yes, you heard it. Bush doesn’t want to push American values on another country.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will join the parties in order to prevent a stalemate from occurring.

Bush thought the leaders would have a better chance at making a lasting pact if the two parties came up with an agreement on their own.

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