Stick-ups for bucks, OCAD project "da bomb"

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Toronto â€" A student at the Ontario College of Art and Design majorly bombed a project when his fake bomb caused a stir in downtown Toronto.

Thorarinn Jonsson planted a phony explosive at the Royal Ontario Museum for the final project of his OCAD video class. He also uploaded a video on YouTube to document its staged explosion.

The fake bomb was found last Wednesday, right before 2,000 people were to arrive at a $600-per-plate fundraising dinner at the ROM. The Canadian Foundation of AIDS’ event was canceled to give the bomb squad a chance to investigate Jonsson’s art project gone wrong.

Jonsson has since turned himself in to the cops, but we’re betting the bomb squad found nothing more than paper mache and PVA glue at the scene of Jonsson’s not-so-clever art attack.

Massachusetts â€" How would you feel being the last man on ... campus?

As the only male student attending Massachusetts’ all-female Wellesley College, Mohammad Usman is enjoying a university experience straight out of many men’s fantasies.

Usman currently lives and studies with around 2,300 women on his semester-long exchange placement from Dartmouth University. It’s no wonder that he’s become a local celebrity, referred to by many Wellesley ladies as simply “the boy.”

But don’t expect Wellesley â€" the alma mater of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton â€" to be housing full-time male students any time soon. As of Dec. 20, Usman is headed back to reality.

Ohio â€" If you think waiting in line for OSAP is a hassle, you’ll never believe what two Ohio college students did to pay off their tuition.

Andrew Butler of the University of Toledo and Christopher Avery of the University of Cincinnati face 20 years in jail after being caught trying to raise tuition money through armed robbery.

Wearing black masks and brandishing guns, the bandits managed to steal over $130,000 from a bank in July. They pleaded guilty on Monday to two charges of aggravated robbery and six charges of kidnapping.

As fun as it would be to stage a heist for tuition cash, we’re no Danny Ocean ... so we’ll just take our OSAP cheques, please.

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