5M yuan for Yong, PSU-Behrand loves beer pong

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Beijing â€" After hitting the five million yuan jackpot in a lottery, a Chinese university student recently packed up and left school.

Identified only as Yong by the media to protect his identity, the second-year Jiang Maritime Institute student won first-prize in last Tuesday’s China Welfare Lottery â€" a payout worth $683,000.

Yong promptly informed the university of his good fortune and went back home, after telling his roommates he would share 2,000 yuan with each of them, according to Beijing media. It’s unknown whether he will ever be returning to finish his degree.

Well, Yong may be a college drop-out, but how many drop-outs have five million yuan in the bank?

Las Vegas â€" If you think beer pong is reserved for keg parties and residence bedrooms, think again.

At the World Series of Beer Pong last weekend, a $50,000 grand prize was on the line. Mike Orr and Jeremy Hughes, two students from Penn State Behrand, took home the goods.

The three-day beer pong tourney went into overtime after a tie between Orr and Hughes’ team, “Chauffeuring the Fat Kid,” and rivals “The Iron Wizard Coalition” from New York.

Orr and Hughes emerged triumphant after an intense three-cup challenge. So what will these two tanks do with their winnings?

“I might buy myself a bed,” Hughes told The Pitt News. “I’m currently sleeping on the floor.”

Mississauga â€" Adam Rogers moved his entire family, including three kids and a pregnant wife, into residence at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus in September. Problem is, Rogers hasn’t actually been accepted to the school.

Now, after losing his full-time student status, student loans, and soon his accommodations, Rogers is in a tough bind. His solution? A $5-million lawsuit against the university.

Rogers claims the university made errors when processing his application to transfer to UTM. He applied after three years at the University of Waterloo and feels UTM misled him to believe he was accepted.

But an eviction ruling by the Landlord and Tenant board argued Rogers’ family moved into residence fully aware of his lack of acceptance.

UTM has until the end of the month to file a defence.

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