Wily cops sniff out a grow-op

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

From bat-brandishing bandits to ganja-growing geezers, the usual suspects were at it again this week.

While Western’s campus remained quiet, an armed robbery in south London resulted in a victim getting busted for housing a grow-operation early Thursday morning.

The London Police Service first responded to a call on Langarth Street, at 7 a.m. Jan. 17. The 52-year-old victim told police four or five men broke into his residence, assaulted him, tied him up and stole property from his home.

One of the men wielded a handgun, while another carried a baseball bat, Constable Amy Phillipo, media representative for the LPS confirmed.

The assailants also stole the resident’s vehicle before fleeing from the scene. Police recovered the car one hour later.

While searching the residence, officers noticed a potent smell, much to the dismay of the robbery victim.

“Marijuana has an easily identifiable smell,” Phillipo said. “It is certainly a reason to be suspicious.”

She explained the grassy odour led to the discovery of an underground grow-op.

After sustaining only mild injuries from the attack, the lowest blow came when the 52-year-old man was arrested.

By 11:26 a.m. " less than five hours after the original report " police obtained a search warrant and seized $19,000 worth of marijuana plants from the man’s basement. Police also obtained grow equipment at the scene.

The man is now charged with possession of marijuana, and possession of marijuana with the purpose of trafficking.

Considering the man was the victim of a robbery and lost enough herb to ruin Emeril Lagase’s culinary career, it’s safe to say he had a bad day.

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