Contest asks if Western's got game

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ever wanted to play hockey on a skateboard? Dodgeball on an ice rink? Bowling with your forehead? If so, a new campus contest might fulfill your most adventurous dreams.

The My Game My Pain Campus Challenge asks university students from across Canada to submit newly invented games, with the chance of winning $2,500 cash.

Jason Finestone, Western’s representative for the contest, said the games can take on any rules or structure.

“Games must be active ... They can be offshoots of already existing games or completely unique activities.”

Students can submit their creative sporting ideas to a website, from which 10 finalists will be selected. The best submissions will be videotaped and posted for voting in March.

A winner will be announced this April.

The MGMP Campus Challenge, sponsored by Motrin IB, has generated many new and unusual activities over the last three years. As an example, Ryan Ward, media representative, described Pin Heading: a sport that uses human bodies as bowling balls.

Pin Headers slide down an icy slope using a garbage bag or cafeteria tray as a sled. The goal of the game is to knock down as many pins as you can, using only your noggin.

“Basically, you bomb down a hill and take out lawn furniture,” Ward explained, noting not all game submissions are quite as dangerous.

Last year’s winning game called Ultimate Bordon Ball was invented by students at Dalhousie University.

The full-contact sport is played in rugby wheelchairs and is a cross between basketball and European handball.

Upon winning the contest, the Dalhousie students used their prize money to purchase a sport wheelchair for a fellow student.

Other finalist sports include ice dodge ball, wiffle golf, and three-legged soccer. Although Western has yet to submit a winning game, Finestone feels positive about Western’s resourceful student body.

“Dalhousie has swept the competition the past two years,” Finestone said. “Let’s get Western on the map.”

To enter the contest visit Deadline for submissions is Feb. 8, 2008.

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