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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Oy-yeah, Jewish studies at last!
Western students now have the opportunity to major in Jewish Studies.

A new program is being brought to Western. Next year, students will be given the option to choose a major or minor in Jewish Studies.

This program aims to examine the religious, economic, and cultural development of Judaism as well as the relationship between Jews and other communities.

Currently, the major and minor program is planned to be offered only on main campus at Western. However, courses in this field will be offered at the affiliate colleges.

Professor Alain Goldschlagger, director of the Holocaust Literature Research Institute, was involved in the approval of the program.

He believes that it is important to offer students a chance to learn about Judaism and its past.

“Not only will this program apply to the 3,000 Jewish students at Western, but others who are curious to learn about different cultures,” he noted.

Offering subjects on important topics such as the Holocaust, this program is a fresh addition to Western’s academic range.
"Rachel Radomski

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