Note to self: don't yell at man with .22 rifle

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

London is ready to close out the first month of the New Year in style. From fraud to firearms, the usual suspects have been at it again.

The fun and games began on Wednesday, as two 17 year old males were arrested for two related robberies. The first involved a 16 year old who lost his cell phone for not arranging a fight with his friend. It seems his career as an agent will be short-lived.

The dastardly duo continued their personal crime wave a scant two hours later as they confronted a third male in a dispute over (surprise, surprise) stolen property. Punches to the head followed by a quick getaway ended in tears as the London Police Service apprehended the suspects in their car on Boler Road.

Last Friday, London Police were dispatched to aid the search of an apartment by the Middlesex-London Housing Authority.

Luckily for the police, the hunt of the Springbank Drive apartment uncovered a prohibited handgun " previously reported as stolen " along with eight pounds of ammunition. Besides the obvious question of when the ammunition was measured by weight, the search also found two grams of marijuana and almost $3,000 worth of crack cocaine.

As a result, a 17 year old and 32 year old have been charged with a plethora of violations including failure to comply with the conditions of a judicial release.

But that wasn’t all for a busy Friday, as police were called to another scene where shots had been fired.

A group of six males struck another male’s car when he drove past them. Evidently exercising his civilian rights to freedom of speech, the frustrated driver pulled over and confronted his assailants.

Apparently the suspects did not like what he was saying.

After three shots from a .22 calibre rifle, the victim hushed up and sought treatment for wounds to his lower body. He has since been released from the hospital.

The award for scummiest criminal act of the weekend goes to an individual who has spent the past few weeks preying upon the elderly.

His plan is simple: the man knocks on the doors of the elderly and offers to clean laundry, empty eaves troughs and do house repairs.

The scoundrel asks for the money up front, but leaves without finishing the job and often steals property as well.

The fraud unit is currently investigating the case and no one has been arrested.

Police ended the weekend on a happy note after responding to an alarm at All Sports Accommodations. No property was stolen, but the store had been clearly broken into.

The K9 unit was released to find the suspects who had fled the scene.

Police used their furry friends to track the scent of a 19 year old and a 33 year old male.

The duo has been charged with break and enter and the possession of break and enter tools.

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