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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

More popo on the street, on the beat
Mischievous students beware " the London Police Service will continue its efforts to prevent crime.

On Wednesday, London MPPs announced the first of two grants, totalling $1.45 million, to London Police that will pay the salaries of front line police officers hired for 2007-08.

“Since 2003, 70 more police officers have been hired in London because of our government’s commitment to public safety,” Deb Matthews, MPP for London North Centre, said. “This means more officers patrolling our streets helping to make London safer.”

But there will not be any visible increase in police presence this year.

“It’s only continuing funding for programs already in place,” London Police Chief Murray Faulkner explained.

The money will go towards community crime-prevention programs that focus on areas like street patrols, school and youth outreach, increased traffic enforcement, and cyber crime.
"Kyla Whitnall

Huron shares love of all things Holy
Huron theology students can look forward to more course options next time course selection rolls around.

The Toronto School of Theology has approved Huron University College’s request for affiliation.

The TST was founded in 1969 to allow the sharing of resources at the University of Toronto. It now consists of 10 province-wide institutions.

Huron students will benefit from increased course selection, which is better than the small selection of courses the six-member faculty currently offers.

“This will broaden the students’ choices based on their different denominations,” Rev. Susan Baldwin, dean of the Faculty of Theology at Huron said.

According to the faculty, students will be allowed to take up to one-third of their Masters Divinity or Masters of Theological Studies’ courses through TST.

The TST affiliation will be available to Huron students following the approval of the University of Western Ontario Board of Governors.
"Matt Pietrangelo

Sustainability never tasted so sweet
The Wave and Spoke said their final goodbyes to Styrofoam as they welcomed sustainable food packaging this January.

The University Students’ Council has completely implemented sustainable food packaging at the Wave restaurant and bar and Spoke lounge.

The environmentally friendly food containers at the Wave and Spoke are manufactured from cornstarch and sugar cane, which are renewable resources that cost students nothing.

“We are an organization that tries to increase awareness with no cost to students, ” USC VP-campus issues James Arthurs said.

He added the switch from Styrofoam products, which are made with petroleum " a non-sustainable and heavily polluting commodity " was an important and essential one.

A variety of restaurants on campus, such as Manchu Wok in the Centrespot, have not yet implemented this sustainable strategy. Arthurs has high hopes. “Although all sustainable products are costly, in future years the price will drop for utensils and cutlery,” he said.
"Ola Nabhani

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