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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Springfield, Springfield New York, New York
For all those students looking to study in the marvelous city of New York, there is a program out there for you.

King’s College, a Liberal Arts College located in the heart of New York City is offering students a chance to study at the Empire State Building campus for a semester.

In the classroom that is New York City, students in this program begin with an introduction to New York class, learning about the challenges, diversity, and economy of the historic city.

During the semester, students pick a vocational emphasis that interests them. A journalism program is currently open to students and business and urban studies programs will launch in 2009.

Sharon Denney, director of the Semester in the City programs, stated, “Students will learn from renowned professors and practitoners, while experiencing King’s distinctive, idea-driven curriculum.” Upon completion of each course, three credits are transferred back to the student’s base university.

With a price tag of $15,800 attached to this semester abroad, King’s houses students in a furnished one bedroom apartment in Midtown Manhattan.
"Rachel Radomski

$200 million dollars, muhahaha
Ontario colleges and universities will receive money to help boost infrastructure.

Every college and university in the province will receive its own cut of the funding from the Ontario government. Western will receive its share of a $200-million campus renewal fund.

The money is intended for three types of projects: improving energy efficiency, beefing up campus security and the renewal of existing infrastructure.

The announcement of the funding has been received with great enthusiasm by most Ontario universities. Both Western President and Vice-Chancellor Paul Davenport and the Council of Ontario Universities have expressed their pleasure with the announcement.

The announcement was met with far less enthusiasm by David Singh, VP-finance for the University Students’ Council, who said the amount the government is contributing to boost infrastructure is “drastically lower than the forecast of what is needed.” Singh also added “I would be excited to see more [funding]."
"Zach Gable

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