Booze, drugs, sketchy driving, oh my!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Criminals of all stripes found their way into London this past week, giving police lots of work and crime reporters lots of material. From panicking pedestrians to driving four sheets to the wind, the usual suspects were at it again.

On Western’s campus, a driver struck a female student walking east across Huron Street, south of Lambton Drive. The driver allegedly honked at her and stopped " an action she perceived to mean ‘continue walking.’ Unfortunately, the driver thought honking the horn meant she should stop. The end result was a pedestrian with bumps and bruises and a driver in trouble for not giving the right of way.

Meanwhile, crime was imported to the Forest City by way of Windsor. The London Police Service arrived at an address on Southdale Road and executed a search warrant for Nicholas Ingram " wanted for an attempted murder charge in Windsor. Hilarity ensued as Ingram and two others were found with drugs and firearms. Among the goodies: enough blow to buy at least four seconds of Super Bowl advertising (or $22,400), about 50 grams of crack and a “small quantity of marijuana.”

Last, but not least, were numerous RIDE programs operating on Sunday to coincide with the Super Bowl. Though many stayed home to watch the big game, RIDE processed 200 drivers over the day. Of these drivers, six were tested and two found themselves without a license after failing their sobriety tests.

The story of the day goes to the driver who introduced his car to a tree at Wilton and Highbury Avenue. The driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and arrested upon release. Whether he couldn’t go on after New England’s botched perfect season is unknown.

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