A peek at the presidential candidates' platform promises

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

They’re off. University Students’ Council presidential elections have begun. Before we get lost in rhetoric, let’s take a look at the platforms. Here are some highlights on key issues from each candidate’s platform.

Ryan Gauss

Ryan Gauss
• Presidential “House Calls” " visiting each first-year dorm room once during the year
• Once-a-month email from the desk of the president
• Creation of a paid internship program for students in London
• Creation of an on-campus/off-campus safety task force
• Campus 411 " administration can text students in the event of an emergency
• Adding two blue lights to campus
• Huron, Brescia, King’s and USC caucus meeting once a month
• USC president and two board members visit each of the affiliates once a month for at least two hours

• Lobby to increase the amount of money OSAP students can earn per week
• Lobby to double OSAP waiver for cars from $5,000 to $10,000
• Provide information sessions in residences and around campus about OSAP and using OSAP effectively

• Lobby administration to use environmentally sustainable building supplies
• Lobby administration to speed up the change to biodegradable food containers
• Double-sided printing campaign

• Mini-games with varsity athletes around campus
• Development of a “Captains and Coaches Caucus” made up of one coach and team captain from every varsity team, the USC president and other council members

• Online grocery story using www.grocerycheckout.com

Stephen Lecce

Stephen Lecce
• Way Back Playback: free classic movies on Concrete Beach
• USC Kiosk of information for students
• Increase campus accessibility and safety; “Not at My Western” safety campaign and text messaging emergency alerts
• Launch Affiliate Caucus on Student Issues to address affiliate needs
• Hold monthly student focus groups to gain feedback on USC initiatives

• Ten per cent reduction in USC’s cut at the Used Book Store
• Commit to looking into textbook prices and working toward price reductions
• Investigate financial aid challenges, raise awareness of awards and bursaries
• Seek sponsorships in the form of “Western Discounts”
• Free hot water in the Spoke

• Place trained Enviro-liaisons in every faculty, affiliate and residence council
• Distribute the $10,000 Green Fund
• Create Western’s Earth Day to celebrate environmentalism and raise awareness about sustainability issues
• Hold energy efficient events
• Conduct waste audit in University Community Centre

• Bracelet campaign to fund Western’s athletes

• Advance UCC renovations and incorporate student needs
• Work with City of London to ensure a positive relationship
• Remain a student by enrolling in a course during term in office

Christen Mariyanayagam

Christen Mariyanayagam
• Form a campus safety audit committee to evaluate safety on campus, determine high-risk areas, and research solutions
• All board members must complete one hour of volunteer work per week with student activist groups
• Create an online database of tutors
• Improve entertainment programming; more wet/dry events.
• Restructure Hype executive to facilitate larger-scale communication initiatives
• Opt-in bus pass for part-time students

• Seek more sponsors to support USC groups and events
• Use funding from profitable events to pay for less financially successful ones
• Promote USC employment opportunities

• Continue current sustainable programs
• Encourage student body to be environmentally conscious

• Implement rotating USC sponsorship to cover cost of uniforms for an entire varsity team each year

• Set up a pairing system to couple cultural groups with constituent bodies
• Groups must run campaigns to promote awareness of each particular culture
• Begin multimedia seminar series
• Implement email list to keep students informed about what the USC is doing on a biweekly basis

Mitchell Steinberg

Mitchell Steinberg
• Hold open forum in the Spoke every two months to collect student feedback on USC programming
• More USC sponsored events, such as weekly student band nights
• Support USC ownership of Centrespot
• Extended Foot Patrol hours to coincide with extended library hours
• Support Western Chirps and other accessibility initiatives on campus
• Unite campus clubs and groups through inclusive events

• Make all student textbooks available in the library on two-hour reserve
• Ensure USC continues support of STAND and Darfur divestment

• Reduce Styrofoam packaging in campus eateries
• Create web-based car pool forum to decrease auto emissions
• Make GOOS (Good On One Side) paper " essentially scrap paper " available campus-wide
• More outdoor recycling receptacles across campus

• Restructure Homecoming to provide increased excitement for students
• Support Western’s potential application to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

• Increase volunteer and community efforts in the London area

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