USC Elections: Stephen Lecce

On the presidential campaign trail

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

While I was campaigning with Stephen Lecce in Somerville House, it became apparent a female Tim Horton’s employee had a crush on the USC presidential candidate.

“We gave her a shirt and a bag tag, and we never got them back,” Lecce told me. “She was like, ‘I wish you were older!’”

After Lecce left for a moment, the employee snuck out from behind the cash register to snag one of his campaign posters.

“I’ll put it in my bedroom!” she said with a giggle.

While it’s doubtful Lecce has this effect on everyone, he comes across as a likeable guy while campaigning.

I began the day with Lecce in the Social Science Centre. Decked out in a soph zip-up and carrying a travel mug and an eco-friendly bag, Lecce projected a laid-back persona.

He never hesitated to approach random students on their way to class and he was constantly flanked by an eager entourage of supporters.

Somerville was next on the trail, which began with a rapid setup of the campaign materials, including copies of Jim Carrey movies, lollipops, Post-it-Notes and textbooks with reduced pricetags.

Lecce chatted with more students, usually with a quick and simple blurb about his candidacy. He made a personal connection, if given the chance, by touting his experience and solid platform.

Students appeared receptive to his friendly campaigning style. Lecce was confident and well prepared, but never pushy.

Overall, his campaign is a well-oiled machine, but Lecce’s personable campaigning style is anything but mechanic.

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