USC Elections: Christan Mariyanayagam

On the presidential campaign trail

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

During an afternoon on the campaign trail, Christan Mariyanayagam proved he could handle the spotlight that goes along with running for USC president.

Although I wasn’t too happy about being referred to as a groupie at the beginning of our meeting, I found Mariyanayagam personable and unafraid to approach strangers.

In the Spencer Engineering Building, the smiley presidential candidate schmoozed with students at several crowded tables. Mariyanayagam surrounded himself with a few close friends and campaign team members as he toured a few faculty buildings.

His other campaign stops included the SSC, the University Community Centre Atrium and radio station 94.9 FM CHRW.

He repeatedly asked students: “What can the USC do for you?”

Although a number of people were confused by his inquiry, some students were delighted to engage in 20-minute debates about campus politics. The engineers were particularly feisty " unloading a healthy supply of USC criticism.

Although Mariyanayagam attempted to step outside the undergraduate community by visiting Althouse College, his campaign team had trouble bolstering support among professional students.

While following Mariyanayagam, I learned a few unlikely facts about him. Mariyanayagam is a disc jockey known as DJ Minivan, he is fluent in Tamil and he formerly sang in a choir. He seemed eager to share these relatable details with all his constituents.

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