USC Elections: Mitch Steinberg

On the presidential campaign trail

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

When it comes to campaigning, Mitch Steinberg’s style is relaxed.

As I first approached Steinberg’s table, his chilled-out style was obvious. While green, blue and brown-shirted minions filled the atrium entrance, Steinberg sat alone at his table chowing down on some Manchu Wok.

Everything about Steinberg " including his campaigning style " shows he truly is the “5/6.” His campaign materials pander to the majority of undergrads " 25,000 out of 30,000 " who don’t vote in USC elections. Clad in bright orange, the presidential candidate explained his strategy to one onlooker.

“It’s all about creating buzz,” he said, adding the video game Rock Band was especially a crowd-pleaser. “People keep asking about the 5/6, so at least I’m drawing some intrigue.”

Steinberg casually chatted with friends who stopped by and maintained a nonchalant attitude throughout the afternoon.

“We don’t like to bug people,” he explained.

When students did approach Steinberg with questions, he was personable and happy to hand out a T-shirt. He even fraternized with the “enemy,” chatting with the representatives on the other candidates’ teams.

While shadowing Steinberg, I noticed his campaign team was largely non-existent. He said the group of “ass clowns” he assembled is never obligated to help " but they do what they can. Sure enough, two team members arrived 20 minutes after Steinberg set up shop in the Music Building.

Steinberg also visited the SSC and the NCB later on in the week.

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