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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Matthews puts poverty on Ontario government agenda
London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews has begun a process to bring the issue of poverty to the forefront of the Queen’s Park agenda.

“[In the past four years,] great progress was made to provide support to our most vulnerable citizens,” Matthews said, adding Canadians live in a society where many people are not able to achieve their full potential.

To change Ontario’s inadequate network of support for the poor, Matthews said all Canadians need to tackle the issue of poverty.

“We need the business and non-profit community, the federal and municipal government, concerned citizens and " most importantly " people who experience the reality of poverty,” Matthews explained.

She plans to take aim on poverty by focusing on a few goals, including indicators and targets to measure and address poverty. She also said by learning from other jurisdictions, a more efficient strategy could be created that will work for Ontarians.

“I want to offer my sincere thanks to everyone involved in London that is helping to provide assistance,” Matthews said. She noted “[Local charities like Hostels to Home provide a] great example of a community organization in London ... creatively supporting adults, families and youth struggling with poverty.”
"Ola Nabhani

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