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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Hope for students with useless BA’s: a higher minimum wage
Students’ pockets are about to get a bit heavier "" the Ontario minimum wage will be increasing to $8.75 later this month.

Minimum wage remained constant at $6.85 from 1995 to 2004 until Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty implemented annual minimum wage increases in his first term.

The March 31 increase will be the McGuinty government’s fifth increase since 2004. It is currently set at $8, a 17 per cent increase from 2004.

“When the McGuinty government took effect in 2004, they saw the need to increase minimum wage, and they developed a system of increasing it in increments each year, [a result of it] being static too long” Bruce Skaeff, a spokesman for the Ontario Ministry of Labour said.

Minimum wage will reach $10.25 in 2010.

According to Joe Barbosa, kitchen and floor manager of T.J. Baxter’s, students are fortunate businesses like T.J.’s require a great deal of staff and will not have to change hiring processes.

Western students are looking forward to earning more money.

“That’s great, I’m really excited!” exclaimed Gennie Wong, a third-year biology student.

“$8.75 is really good. I can’t wait for it to get to $9,” Lauren Conley, a third-year geography student added.
"Matt Pietrangelo

Beautiful birds in flight, avian delight
The world’s first hypobaric climatic wind tunnel for birds will take flight on March 3 at Western.

The Advanced Facilities for Avian Research is a $9.2 million bird-flight research facility designed to provide scientists with an improved understanding of bird physiology and aerodynamics in addition to the effects of high altitude conditions on avian flight.

It will be the only interdisciplinary avian research facility of its kind in North America.

The wind tunnel allows the control of air pressure, temperature and humidity. Scientists will be able to simulate migration directly from the lab.

“Western also has a long history of excellence in wind tunnel engineering,” explained associate professor of psychology Scott MacDougall-Shackleton.

Western researchers study birds from different perspectives such as ecology, evolution, genetics, physiology, neurobiology and behavior.

“Western has the largest number of bird researchers at any Canadian university,” MacDougall-Shakleton added.
"Ola Nabhani

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