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Today's top news stories for March 11, 2008.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Dirty hospital workers forced to clean up their act
If you have gone to the hospital, chances are you were treated by health-care workers with dirty hands.

That is why researchers at Toronto Rehab have developed a nag system to remind health-care workers to clean their hands.

The system consists of a sensor in the patient’s room that beeps whenever a health-care worker enters and stops when hand sanitizer is dispensed.

Dr. Geoff Fernie, vice-president of research for Toronto Rehab, estimates fewer than 40 per cent of health-care workers wash their hands properly.

The new technology, expected to cost $300 per bed, will be clinically tested at two Toronto hospitals this summer according to Fernie.

Tina Martin, hand hygiene program co-ordinator for London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, said in the meantime, London hospitals have been taking steps to improve hand hygiene.

Initiatives include a poster campaign and adding hand gel dispensers in patient rooms.

“We would be open to something that employs technology,” Martin said regarding the Toronto Rehab system.
"Jay LaRochelle

BOG approval stand in the way of Schulich name changes
Departmental changes are underway within the Don Wright Faculty of Music and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The Faculty of Music has replaced its departments of music industry and music theory with the new department of music research and composition, leaving the departments of music education and music performance studies intact.

Schulich’s department of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine is also undergoing some changes, with a possible name change in store for the department. Laurie Matheson, administrative officer for DDRNM, explained while the change has already been approved by the Senate, “[They] are awaiting approval by the Board of Governors before making the announcement.”

If approved, the department of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine will become the department of medical imaging.
"Chris Drummond-Main

Goobers given an opportunity to be recognized
Last week, Social Science Student Council President Matt Kington and Social Science Dean Brian Timney announced the establishment of the Social Science Students’ Council Leadership Awards.

The awards are a contribution and a gift from the SSSC and social science students in general. They aim to recognize social science students from second to fourth year who are actively involved in community volunteer and leadership programs, both locally and internationally.

Totaling $375,000, the awards are the result of a surplus of donations made by social science students over many years " in essence, a gift from students, for students.

Beginning in September 2008, there will be 11 awards distributed annually at $1,450 each to eligible students.

Both Kington and Timney believe this award would not only motivate social science students to be more involved with their community, but it would also set a positive example for the student councils of other faculties.

“Collectively,” Kington said, “we can all make a difference and I know this gift exemplifies the true spirit of giving for the betterment of others.”
"Dmytro Jaremus

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