New USC vice-presidents elected, old VPs lame ducks

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Cara Eng

Cara Eng
VP-Campus Issues
As a two-time ALLY co-ordinator and current VP-student issues at Brescia University College Student Council, Eng has plenty of relevant experience for her new role.

“I want to be a strong representative of the student body … [by] reaching constituencies [and] engaging more students,” Eng said.

Faced with the ongoing restructuring of services like PrideWestern, Eng has a daunting task ahead of her. She aims to have increased collaboration between the services to build on their successes.

“There needs to be open dialogue between services and the student body,” she added.

Rachel Halpern

Rachel Halpern
Communications Officer
Halpern has been training for her new position through her current role as VP-communications for the Social Science Students’ Council.

As the incoming USC communications officer, Halpern aims to increase HYPE membership and the frequency of its initiatives. She also wants to encourage greater usage of USC media outlets and raise the visibility of USC members through an information booth in the University Community Centre Atrium.

“I want to bring [the USC] to ground level and make council more approachable,” she explained.

Matt Kington

Matt Kington
Currently president, and former vice-president campus issues and communications, of the Social Science Students’ Council, Kington said he brings professionalism to the role of VP-finance.

“I’m a collaborative, teamwork-oriented person,” he continued. “I’m looking forward to working with [various] people.”

Next year, Kington aims to make the finance portfolio, which includes the USC budget, more relevant to students-at-large.

“I want to work with the evolution of the portfolio [and] bring finance back to council,” he said.

Rich Caccamo

Rich Caccamo
VP-Student Events
As this year’s Orientation co-ordinator, Caccamo gained insight into the inner workings of campus events. Caccamo said he would bring approachability and leadership to his new position of VP-student events.

“I want to cater programs to different interests so everyone can participate in some fashion,” he said.

Caccamo aims to develop a Service Learning Program between Western and the USC, as well as a “Welcome Back” campus-wide concert early in the year for all undergraduate students.

Jacqueline Cole

Jacqueline Cole
VP-University Affairs
Cole, this year’s USC internal affairs co-ordinator, said she has key skills to bring to her new position: “I have a wealth of experience in the [university affairs] portfolio, which will help as we begin to focus on internal advocacy.”

Cole hopes to bring her ability to build positive relationships into her portfolio, particularly in municipal affairs. In particular, she proposes an Adopt a Street program for students, businesses and neighbourhood associations.

In addition, she wants to ensure student voices are heard at the provincial and federal levels of government.

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