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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

McGuinty throws students a bone in budget
Students can look forward to benefits in Ontario’s new budget.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan’s budget, which was announced yesterday, focuses on a three-year $1.5 billion plan to increase the number of people entering the workforce by training more apprentices as well as 20,000 unemployed Ontarians and helping students with education costs.

Over the next three years, Dalton McGuinty’s government will provide students with $385 million to help cushion the high cost of computers and textbooks, which amounts to approximately $150 per student in 2008-09 and growing to $300 in 2010-11.

Students who live in rural or northern Ontario will also be given $27 million to help with the cost of travelling.

Another highlight is the Skills to Job Action Plan. Depending on individual need, the program funds tuition, living and transportation to help 20,000 workers find jobs.

The budget also included a two per cent increase in social assistance benefits, $135 million to provide free dentalcare to low-income families and $100 million for social housing.

In addition to the social programs, Duncan announced over $800 million will be going towards public transit systems and routes in the Greater Toronto Area.
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