Pillow fights, evil seal hunt, Asia sinking

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Earth " Skies filled with feathers last Saturday as cities across the world celebrated international pillow fight day.

New York City, Shanghai and Paris were a few of the cities that participated in this celebration of public space and peaceful pummeling.

A website devoted to the event outlines tips for a successful pillow fight and recommends using soft pillows only.

Fun for all ages, people across the globe called the pillow fight a success. Residents of Montreal and Toronto, however, were disappointed when their local hosts cancelled due to weather conditions.

Canada " Canada’s seal hunt began this week, provoking condemnations from the international community.

The European Union introduced new regulations this year that demand a seal be killed before it is skinned. Officials have threatened to take further action, which could include an outright ban.

The United States, Belgium, and the Netherlands have already boycotted the import of Canadian seal products for several years.

Bringing in $16.5 million, the cull is a significant source of income, especially in Atlantic Canada, where the dwindling fish stocks have damaged the economy.

France " Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France, has promised a deployment of extra troops to support NATO’s mission in Afghanistan.

His proposal comes in response to the multiple pleas for more soldiers from the member countries of NATO.

Canada threatened to pull its 2,500 troops out Afghanistan if more allies to not contribute soldiers and equipment to the mission.

France currently has 1,515 soldiers in the Middle East and will officially announce its offer at next week’s NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania.

Greece " The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games got off to a rocky start when members of Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based media freedom group, protested at the lighting of the Olympic torch this week.

Activists interrupted speeches and broke through a line of police to hold up black flags depicting the Olympic rings as handcuffs.

Groups across the world are urging countries to boycott the Games, which are being hosted by Beijing, in order to protest China’s violence against Tibetan people.

South Asia " A Greenpeace report warns South Asia could be facing a major human crisis if greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow at the same rate.

A rising sea level and droughts associated with global warming could displace approximately 130 million people living in low elevation coastal zones.

The increasing frequency of cyclones and monsoons along coastlines in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh could also leave millions homeless.

The report also warned India’s numerous large investments into projects along the coastline are in danger if warming trends don’t change.

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