Police search finds crossbows, Percocets

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Although Western managed to survive yet another weekend of campus debauchery, the City of London saw an abundance of shady characters emerging from the woodwork. From scam artists to stockpiled weapons, the usual suspects were at it again.

The London Police Service is currently investigating a bank scam involving a male suspect posing as a bank investigator.

The con artist told one woman he was investigating an internal theft in her bank. The victim was urged to make a large withdrawal from her account and deliver the money to the corner of Adelaide and Cheapside streets.

The victim complied with the demands. A second suspect collected the cash and took off, leaving the woman wondering what went wrong.

Police are still searching for the suspects. Constable Amy Phillipo, media relations officer for the LPS, urged Londoners to be careful about similar scams. “No financial institution will request the public’s assistance in this type of investigation.”

Another unrelated con artist has been making the rounds in large apartment buildings.

The LPS has received several complaints about a woman claiming to collect donations for an “abused children’s charity.” A male accomplice has been spotted with the suspect, waiting in stairwells to collect the faulty donations.

The female suspect has been knocking on doors in residences across the city over the past two weeks, but has not yet been arrested.

On March 27, two suspects, seemingly prepared for the apocalypse, were caught with a garage full of illicit materials.

When the Emergency Response Unit arrived on the scene, police seized four shotguns, one rifle, two replica handguns, three crossbows, ammunition and a mace. No word on whether the two were actually set on world domination, or had simply played too many role-playing games.

On top of the heavy artillery, small amounts of Percocet and magic mushrooms were found in the Oak Street residence.

The two are now charged with an impressive list of offenCes, including five counts of trafficking firearms, possession of drugs, and six counts of being unlicensed to possess a firearm.

In other news, a child molester was arrested in St. Mary’s on Friday afternoon. The London Police Cyber Crime Unit finally nabbed the creeper following a four-month online investigation.

A search warrant was executed at his residence on March 28, and the 37-year-old suspect is now charged with two counts of luring.

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