Report Card: James Arthurs

Board of Directors report cards

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

James Arthurs

Execution of Responsibilities: 1.5
Innovation: 3
Accessibility: 2.5
Response to Criticism: 1
Council Relations: 2
Total: 10/15 (67%)

This year James Arthurs brought plenty of passion to the VP-campus issues portfolio, but crumbled when it came to controversy.

Praised for keeping an open-door policy and always accepting input, Arthurs’ zeal for his job was obvious this year. His outside-of-the-box thinking brought many successful initiatives such as the “Closets are for Clothes” and sustainable packaging campaign.

Entering the position with no experience as a USC councillor, however, Arthurs lacked tact and was often criticized for growing too emotionally attached to his work. On the other hand, many enjoyed working with Arthurs due to his heart for various campus issues.

Although referred to as a “good guy,” Arthurs had a tendency to crack under pressure. His inability to deal with criticism resulted in turbulent relationships with some members of his portfolio.

The collapse of PrideWestern left an especially black mark on Arthurs’ term. His slowness to react was a key factor in the loss of one of Western’s most important support systems.

Arthurs’ poor management skills also resulted in a tense atmosphere during the CBS controversy and the alienation of activist group SAQD.

Although he brought plenty of passion and dedication to the job, Arthurs’ lack of political skills meant unnecessary complications and, therefore, a C+.

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