Report Card: David Singh

Board of Directors report cards

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

David Singh

Execution of Responsibilities: 3
Innovation: 2
Accessibility: 3
Response to Criticism: 2.5
Council Relations: 2.5
Total: 13/15 (87%)

As the USC’s go-to-guy for financial guidance, David Singh has gracefully fulfilled his role as VP-finance this year.

His ability to “spell numbers” and act as a mediator between students and management benefited council, operations and students alike. Singh translated confusing econ-speak into layman’s terms with creativity and charisma.

Singh was not present at every council meeting, however his dedication to presenting all sides of an issue was continually applauded by his constituents.

He was criticized for keeping the budget confidential, although he promptly defended these actions, as many other institutions keep their number-crunching under wraps.

Innovation was not Singh’s strong suit. He fulfilled his duties as a vice-president, but did not go beyond the call of duty.

Singh kept his door open when possible, although a large portion of his portfolio was accomplished behind the scenes.

He was able to successfully separate his passions and opinions from his role on the board. Singh maintained a professional demeanor.

At the end of the day, the budget is balanced and that’s the best students can hope for from the VP-finance portfolio.

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