Report Card: Sabrina Sdao

Board of Directors report cards

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sabrina Sdao

Execution of Responsibilities: 2
Innovation: 2.5
Accessibility: 2
Response to Criticism: 3
Council Relations: 2.5
Total:12/15 (80%)

Though Sabrina Sdao may not have been the most visible member of the board this year, her unflappable demeanour and new initiatives are to be commended.

Under Sdao’s portfolio, events such as Charity Ball, O-Week and Homecoming were huge successes, though the amount of praise Sdao should receive as opposed to her commissioners is debatable, as some felt she merely maintained the status quo.

Sdao brought new events to Western, including the “Bursting the Western Bubble” speaker series and the enjoyable beer-fueled Oktoberfest. Though the events did not draw huge crowds, Sdao cannot be faulted for lack of promotion, as she did more than enough to promote events..

Some cited a lack of interaction between Sdao and her commissioners, which created feelings of a loss of support. Although some referred to Sdao as being cold or detached, she remained easy to reach and there were few questions she could not answer.

She made her presence felt in USC meetings, ensuring everyone in attendance knew about all the events going on at Western.

Though Sdao may not have gone above and beyond the role of VP-student events, her maintenance of classic events and groundwork-laying for potential successes next year nets her an A-.

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