Report Card: David Simmonds

Board of Directors report cards

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

David Simmonds

Execution of Responsibilities: 3
Innovation: 3
Accessibility: 2.5
Response to Criticism:2
Council Relations: 2
Total: 12.5/15 (83%)

David “Soapbox” Simmonds has long been a vocal USC member and brought his passion and outspokenness to the position of VP-university affairs.

A knowledgeable resource, he never shied away from sharing his opinion " a trait some say made him the board’s bulldog at USC meetings. While some councillors accused him of micro-managing his portfolio, others praised Simmonds for his leadership and ability to get things done.

Simmonds’ record speaks for itself: town-and-gown relations this year have improved significantly and Western has maintained its strong ties to the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance thanks to Simmonds’ OUSA presidency. In fact, Simmonds is on his way to accomplishing all his campaign promises.

Due to his busy schedule, Simmonds’ board reports were often late, but he was nonetheless a constant presence at USC meetings.

Overall, he was a strong leader in his portfolio and as a board member. Although some argue he was aggressive and egotistical, this did not hinder his success.

Referred to as this year’s “de facto president” by some councillors, Simmonds has left big shoes to fill in the position of VP-university affairs, making him worthy of an A.

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