Front Office - Volume 101

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ravi, Desiree, and Dave

Lay your eyes on The Gazette Volume 102’s scintillating Front Office. Editor-in Chief Ravi Amarnath is truly a renaissance man. What he lacks in hair follicles, he makes up for with intelligence, staunch dedication and a killer Bill Cosby impression.

Deputy Editor Desiree Gamotin will be spread thin putting up with the antics of these two clowns. Yet there’s no one better for the job, as she brings her boundless energy and zen-like focus to the position.

Managing Editor Dave Ward is the Mayor of Munchkinland. While he has to work with two people who can’t get on most of the rides at Canada’s Wonderland, he will bring personality, approachability and a nose for the university to the table.

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