Spartans smartin' from all-out bedlam at MSU

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

East Lansing, MI â€" It seems Michigan State University students like to fight for their right to party. Unfortunately, duking it out with the cops is never a good call.

Currently, police are dealing with the aftermath of what has been labeled a riot near the campus in East Lansing, over the weekend.

From 3,000 to 4,000 people gathered in the region for a party that went awry. After police arrived and were pelted with bottles and rocks, tear gas was used to break up the crowd. Police have yet to estimate the damages sustained to nearby buildings and businesses.

Fifty-two arrests were initially reported by police, and those arrested may face charges ranging from disorderly conduct to inciting a riot.

Hanover, Germany â€" For most Western students, getting A’s means spending hours in the D. B. Weldon Library. For students of a German university, getting top marks from one prof meant handing over cash â€"â€" or giving sexual favours.

A German court recently sentenced a law professor to three years in the slammer for giving his students better grades in exchange for sex or money.

The 53 year old confessed to accepting $244,000 from students after awarding them doctorates, even if they did not actually make the cut. He also admitted to giving some female students better grades in return for sex and to taking various bribes.

He has now been convicted on 68 counts of corruption.

Vancouver, BC â€" Apparently getting arrested is a campus trend right now. Over 20 University of British Columbia students were arrested on April 5 when a student-organized demonstration went out of control.

The initially peaceful Knoll Aid 2.0 demonstration, against construction of an underground bus loop that students believe could result in the uprooting of the grassy knoll, began to get out of hand around 6 p.m. when students lit a bonfire on the sidewalk.

University Detachment RCMP officers and the Vancouver Fire Department arrived an hour later, but were blocked from the scene by students. The crowd reportedly thwarted the firefighters’ attempts to extinguish the fire.

The arrests include Stefanie Ratjen, vice-president external of UBC’s student union.

Ottawa, ON â€" A professor at the University of Ottawa has unveiled an online tool to help silence pesky telemarketers.

The new website called allows Canadians to prevent future telemarketing calls, by simply entering a phone number and email address. generates a mass request for companies to move its users to do-not-call lists. The website allows users to choose which companies to blacklist, and provides extra information about how to avoid telemarketing calls.

The site, which launched a beta version on March 27, is the brainchild of Ottawa professor Michael Geist.

Fortunately for The Gazette, charities, political parties, survey firms and even newspapers are exempt from the call-blocking program.

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