Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To our readers and members of the Western community,

In response to The Gazette’s annual Spoof Issue on March 30, 2007, an ad hoc Study Group was created to investigate concerns with both the operations and content of the newspaper.

At the conclusion of their study, the group produced a final report with their findings as well as a list of suggestions to improve the newspaper. This past summer we evaluated the feasibility of each of the recommendations presented and have committed to implementing certain changes.

The full version of both the final report compiled by the Study Group as well as our comprehensive list of commitments can be read on the Policies section of The Gazette’s website, Below is an abridged version of some of the notable commitments we are making for the upcoming year.

• We will hold a town hall meeting in January 2009 and conduct a survey at the conclusion of the school year to garner feedback on the newspaper.

• For the fall semester of the 2008-09 year, we will be launching a trial community article feature open to all students, staff and faculty members at Western. The feature is intended to run once per month. Prior to making a submission for the community section, please read over the guidelines outlined in our report. All submissions must be sent to

The Gazette will not be featuring any specific groups for special issues as we believe this is against the principle of inclusive content. By making The Gazette open to all members of the Western community and reporting on issues affecting all students, we believe a more open and welcoming paper can be created for all.

• Individuals who volunteer for The Gazette will be provided with a handout outlining the procedures for each section of the paper and what steps are required to receive certain assignments. This will ensure there is no confusion among volunteers on the procedures of the paper from the onset of their time at The Gazette.

• All policies and initiatives will be reviewed at the conclusion of the first semester. At this point, any changes that are deemed necessary will be made for second semester.

As an editorial board, we are committed to producing the best student newspaper in Canada and working to both inform and entertain our readers.

If you are interested in volunteering with the newspaper or providing us with feedback, please feel free to visit our office, located in Rm. 263 of the University Community Centre or e-mail


Ravi Amarnath " Editor-in-Chief

Desiree Gamotin " Deputy Editor

Dave Ward " Managing Editor

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