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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Creating super-councillors
The University Students’ Council is looking to improve on keeping up-to-date and properly informed on certain issues and have proposed steps to better educate their council on important concerns.

A new USC department, first proposed in June 2008 by Jacqueline Cole, USC VP-university affairs, is to address the need for elected students to gain greater perspective on issues they debate.

“The USC should support elected students [councillors, senators, executives, etc.] and help them do their job better,” Cole said.

The department is still on a conceptual level and ongoing discussions will determine what the mandate will entail, but supporting elected officials in research and policy needs is a top concern, as well as supporting elected officials in execution of legislative agendas.

The new department hopes to close the information gap while helping fulfil pressing agendas.

Cole said Scott Courtice, policy analyst for the USC, is in need of greater support and will take on a leadership role in the new department.

“It is a misconception that students take up leadership roles simply to fatten their resumés,” Cole said. She added a lot of the council members genuinely want to help the student body and better the school.

“[Unfortunately] student officials do not have enough tools to do their job.”

Outlines for the new department were presented to the USC council last night. Cole will be taking suggestions and comments for the new department, which remains nameless, until next Friday.
" Adam Christopher Feldman

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