Winnipeg security guard caught surfing porn, PETA leads fight for mascot name change

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

California " Two biology professors at the University of California, Berkeley have started a website that aims to dispel misconceptions about scientists.

Called “Understanding Science,” the site addresses many of the myths of science, while at the same time providing tools to help users in creating their own scientific tests and tips to separate science from spin in the media and public policies.

The two professors, assisted by a team of advisors, hope the site will both encourage more children to enter into the sciences as well as provide tips to teachers who may not be wholly comfortable with teaching the subject.

Florida " People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are lobbying Palm Beach Atlantic University to change the name of its mascot from “Sailfish” to “Sea Kitten.”

While PETA normally finds its way into the academic world by advocating institutions to halt research involving animals, in this case their aims are slightly more unusual.

In a letter to the university president, PETA explained: “We’re hoping that by calling fish ‘sea kittens,’ compassionate people who would never hurt a dog or cat will realize that fish feel pain and fear, just as furry and winged animals do.”

The university replied that while finding PETA’s request “amusing,” they would not be changing the name of the mascot, though the school added they did not advocate sailfish capture.

Winnipeg "A group of students at the University of Winnipeg have caught a security guard surfing pornographic web sites in their office during off-hours.

After a routine check-up on the web history of the U of W Physics Student Association computer revealed several pornographic sites, members decided to act.

By duct-taping a video surveillance camera inside a Star Wars helmet, the students spent six weeks collecting evidence against the security guard.

“Several times, the website was left on screen,” association member Josh Boulding said. “Once, a suspicious paper towel was found on the floor.”

Though police were not involved in the case, as the pornography was not illicit, the guard was re-deployed to a different site on campus.

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