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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Students contact International Space Station
Have you ever wanted to talk to an astronaut while they are on the job? Four students at Humber College in Toronto did just that on Monday.

Third-year students Gino Cunti, Paul Je, Patrick Neelin and Kevin Luong were part of the project, a culmination of nearly a year and a half of work.

“We had to do a major project for our [graduating] semester and Cunti approached me and said ‘let’s do something big,’ which turned out to be a radio capable of contacting the International Space Station,” Je said.

When their first transmission was met without a response, Cunti remained composed and sent out a second, which was answered by American astronaut Sandra Magnus. She responded to their questions for about 10 minutes.

“What makes this project unique from the others is that it’s a first for Humber College and we constructed it ourselves, whereas most contact with the ISS occurs using traditional ham radios,” Je said.
"Adam Crozier

Physical Plant goes green
Western’s Physical Plant is buzzing with excitement, as alternative-fuel vehicles are joining its on-campus fleet.

“Emissions from our trucks have become problematic,” Brandon Watson, communications officer for Physical Plant, said.

According to Watson, Physical Plant is reacting to its clienteles’ concerns regarding emissions from vehicles currently in use.

“These electric vehicles can get places on campus that our trucks can’t,” he added.

Physical Plant plans to use these vehicles to transport maintenance tools and equipment, as well as employees and consultants around campus.
" Abid Ladhani

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