UBC engineering prank goes awry, Stein declines speaking offer in Vermont

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Vancouver, BC â€" Students from the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Engineering are in hot water after they screwed up a department tradition in a spectacularly public fashion.

Every year, the UBC engineers start off Engineering Week by finding new and interesting places to put the shell of a Volkswagen in different places around the area. Most famously, in 2001, San Francisco police discovered one hanging underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

However, this year five undergraduates met technical difficulties when they attempted a similar feat on the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver.

It appears the equipment chosen was not quite up to the task, so instead of the car hanging from the bridge, it ended up plummeting into the Burrard Inlet.

In an interview with Canadian Press, Bruce Dunwoody, the associate dean of engineering programs at UBC, admitted he does not like answering the phone on the first Monday of February.

Burlington, VT â€" A man who is famous for giving away his money with Jimmy Kimmel and appearing as the incredibly boring economics teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off has lost his chance to be the commencement speaker at the University of Vermont.

Ben Stein, whose negative views of evolutionary theory have put him in hot water with America’s academic elite, declined the invitation after learning of the hundreds of angry e-mails received by UVM President Dan Fogel.

In an interview with the Burlington Free Press, Fogel said many of the criticisms received centered around the perception Stein’s views on science were “affronts to the basic tenets of the academy.”

For his sake, Stein claimed describing his views as “antithetical to the scientific inquiry” was “a wildly unfair characterization.”

Stein also said the university’s response to the controversy was “chickenshit â€" and you can quote me on that.”

Lawrence, KA â€" A student activist at Haskell Indian Nations University has been dealt with in a rather unusual manner by administration â€" she has been graduated against her will.

Brenda Councillor, a 45-year old who is a member of the student Senate and frequently critical of the school’s President Linda Sue Warner, returned from holidays to discover she had been kicked out of her dorm room.

Councillor had acquired almost 10 credits more than what was required for a degree, putting her in a situation where the registrar chose to waive Councillor’s final course.

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