Andrew Beach

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Andrew Beach

Hayes: Beach’s platform seems driven to solve non-existent problems. CPR training for Sophs is costly and SERT already fills this need. It’s not like we have first years keeling over left and right.

A USC vehicle is ridiculously extravagant. Beyond the cost of maintenance and fuel, there are the ongoing insurance expenses and depreciation in value. So not only will the purchase cut deeply into this year’s budget, it will continue to do so until the vehicle becomes a giant rust heap in Springett.

Oh, and unless an audit is being conducted in a financial sense, then it just comes off as a buzzword to create an appearance of intellect.

Ward: For the most part Andrew Beach’s platform is a list of problems with the USC and the university community here at Western. While Beach does an admirable job of pointing out faults while rambling over seven pages, he rarely proposes anything or anything new to solve them.

Most of Beach’s solutions are simply a call for better promotion of existing programs or audits to find out what is wrong. Doing more than three audits next year will mean the USC spends more time auditing itself than accomplishing anything. Increased promotion is always a good thing and asking for more is a vacuous platform tenant.

Zwelling: Beach’s plans to use space at the affiliated colleges for club activities and provide final reports online are the two highlights of his platform. It is hard to argue against cutting down on paper use and providing more space for clubs.

On the other hand, buying a USC vehicle is an awful idea. This is not the time to be making an investment on a property that will quickly depreciate in value and Beach never makes it clear why the USC needs it.

Furthermore, bike safety is hardly a real problem on campus, the dinner theatre idea is trivial and a swap shop will ultimately be poorly attended.

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