Ashley Bushfield

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ashley Bushfield

Hayes: Some good ideas in theory here, but execution will be a problem.

The Inclusive Symposiums will be great if they work, but when former VP-campus issues James Arthurs tried a similar project last year they failed because students chose not to show up.

Putting out a quarterly USC newsletter will just put more junk into the mailbox of the average student â€" online reports are posted on a bi-weekly basis and students who really care can find them on the website.

While a Wiki sounds nice, unless you can find a full team of dedicated volunteers, the goal of having it online by end of term is unrealistic.

Ward: Ashley Bushfield’s platform is organized into the categories: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This gimmicky setup is more disruptive to the reader than helpful.

The only idea rising above generalized fluff in Bushfield’s platform is the Wiki for USC and campus information. The idea, though excellent, will undoubtedly be expensive and cause headaches â€" the turbulent history of ClubsNet will serve as a good example.

However, I commend the ideas Bushfield puts forward for internal USC changes.

Bushfield’s platform reads more as a reason to vote for Bushfield’s principles than any sort of plan for concrete action.

Zwelling: Bushfield should be applauded for actually doing her homework on the composting issue, which appears in other candidate’s platforms without any evidence of research. If it is done economically, in a secluded area of campus, it will be a significant improvement to the university’s environmental efforts.

Running the USC survey through the computer science and sociology departments is not a good idea. The USC survey would be susceptible to tampering and manipulation if left to uncompensated students. A private company must do the survey in order to ensure the validity and reliability of its results.

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