Ryan Cassidy


Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ryan Cassidy

Hayes: Cassidy’s platform says surprisingly little. Surprising because of how small this pamphlet is.

Finishing a platform with a question mark means you don’t know the answer yourself. Which is fine " humility should be respected. But filling your already brief platform with inane statements like “work together to live together” and “administration vs. USC ... why can’t we all get along?” doesn’t help you from being regarded as a second-tier candidate.

Ward: After reading Ryan Cassidy’s platform it seems fairly clear he had little to no knowledge of the USC’s operations before seeking election as president and hasn’t taken the time to do his research to catch up.

Cassidy’s platform appears more as a pep rally speech than a presentation of goals for the coming year. “If everyone does his or her part, it can happen.” Great ideal, but where is the action that will create it?

Minor points such as a price reduction on double-sided paper and healthy choices available at USC operations are viable and certainly things that students would love to see implemented.

Zwelling: Despite displaying a refreshing tenacity and willingness to challenge his fellow candidates at debates, Cassidy’s platform is abysmal.

Littered with spelling and grammatical errors, the platform stumbles from point to point in an incredibly vague, puzzling fashion.

A section entitled “communication barriers” rambles incoherently about a rift between the USC and Western’s administration without ever explaining the reason for the conflict or how Cassidy will end it.

This platform projects a lack of planning and thoughtfulness on Cassidy’s part and will almost certainly deplete his votes rather than increase them.

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