Tabitha Navratil

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Tabitha Navratil

Hayes: The hardest part of dissecting this platform is finding where to start.

Beyond proposing positions already in place with the USC, such as a website manager, student speaker series commissioner and subsidizing the cost of beverages if a travel mug is being used, Navratil’s new points are also teeth-numbingly stupid. If you really need to say: “The USC should review where it can increase revenue in operations,” then there is an obvious lack of even basic knowledge of the organization.

Ward: The only redeeming virtue to Tabitha Navratil’s platform is that it is well organized. The ideas for improving the USC Navratil puts forward display a general lack of knowledge of existing USC practices. Touch screen kiosks, a web manager and fair and transparent elections are all great ideas " that is probably why they already exist.

Many of the ideas in the platform are the same fluffy add-ins most of her competitors fall victim to as well. Continuing to build good relations with the City of London is one of those things that is so obvious it doesn’t need to be a central tenant of a platform.

Zwelling: The best thing about Navratil’s platform is that it is, for the most part, practical. The majority of her promises are very achievable and could be executed easily and at a low cost, in a year where every part of the institution will be pinching pennies.

However, a feasible idea isn’t necessarily a good idea. Frequent plebiscites and a volunteer database are poor ideas that would be greatly underutilized.

Also, Navratil’s environmental goals are gravely lacking. Lessening Western’s carbon footprint is an extremely important issue and Navratil has unfortunately overlooked it.

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