Emily Rowe


Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Emily Rowe

Hayes: Considering the amount of experience Rowe has with the USC and the number of old-timers she has surrounded herself with, her platform should have been better.

Beyond reading like a collection of various VP-student events platforms, if the renovation referendum doesn’t pass Rowe will have major problems fulfilling many of her points. This applies specifically to composting for The Spoke Lounge and The Wave and adding more electrical outlets on campus.

While I respect pandering, the sheer amount happening here only helps to portray Rowe’ as an unsubstantial populist.

Ward: Emily Rowe presents a platform that is long-winded but at least well organized. Rowe’s ideas are excellent but occasionally lack research or specific direction. An exam de-stress centre, the ethnocultural support service and her myriad of events centred initiatives are all achievable and in response to long voiced student concerns.

Rowe’s platform clearly aims to win votes first and foremost " including attempts to impress Greek society and dance troupe voters among others. Despite being so populist, she has outdone her competitors in terms of innovation and feasibility.

Zwelling: Rowe’s platform shines with the ethno-cultural support service and wet/dry events at The Wave. She has identified two areas where the USC is currently lacking " support for cultural groups on campus and The Wave’s underutilized space at night and weekends. Rowe aims to amend these issues.

However, the rest of the platform is too unfeasible to ignore. The majority of her ideas would require significant financial investments, including more laptop outlets on campus, a Wine Rack in the UCC, hiring a USC dance co-ordinator and WesternPalooza. It is unclear how Rowe plans to pay for all this in a year when she will not have much money to spend.

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